Reply To: PastPerfect cataloging for archival collections

Becca DuBey

Hello Pat,
I would suggest that you leave the previous records as they are and start fresh with the new incoming collections. If you have already cataloged individual archival pieces, you could go back and select Item from the pull down menu Multilevel linking of Description, but that is not necessary. When a large collection comes in, I use the Fonds to describe the entire collection as a whole. If several important magazines come in, or a group of letters, I use the series to describe the collection as a whole. If I find one important letter, magazine, or part of a whole, I can always assign another Object ID to that item, and select item from the Multilevel Linking of Description. Objects are always linked by the Accession Number; you can always use the Relations Tab to establish a closer relation, or to establish a relationship between different collections.

The book is pretty well written and can be your guide. I love Past Perfect, by the way, I find it flexible and easy to use, once you get used to it. I am constantly referring to the book for guidance, and to the evaluation copy, which I keep on the desktop as a reference for how the developers have used the program. If you are still in the dark, give them a call, they are very easy to talk to.