Reply To: Creating Object Labels with PastPerfect

Becca DuBey

Dear Debbie,
Let me start by saying you have made a wise decision; I love using Past Perfect for cataloging. If you have purchased PP 5, label making can be very easy. The object here is to affix the Object ID number to the artifact and be able to remove it without damaging the artifact. I make a list in PP of all the Object ID numbers I want to use (see the manual for making Catalog lists), then I export to Excel. Once in Excel, I use just the number and title column convert to Times New Roman, font size 8,and select Print Borders before printing the list. I keep the title and number together when separating the numbers from each other, cutting only 1/2 way between the title and its number. Then apply a swatch of Acryloid in Acetone B-72 either to the number or the object, let it dry to tackiness (a few seconds), press the number into place, and while holding it down with your finger, gently tear the title away. When dry, add a top coat. It is very neat, easy to read, and quick. Do not use nail polish!!! Place the label in an out of the way, yet accessible position on the object where it will not accidentally get rubbed off. Some museums start a log of where certain types of objects are labeled for consistency. If you’ve made a mistake, the label is easily removed with acetone, which you want to keep on hand. I get my B-72 from Gaylord Brothers. You want to use the Acryloid B-72 in Acetone. Practice first and you will get the hang of it!