Reply To: Creating Object Labels with PastPerfect

Sharon McCullar

Hello all,

I think I read the question differently – but here is my 2 cents worth. If you are looking to create quick and easy labels to go next to an object on display, not on the actual object for tracking purposes, a quick and easy way to to do is to pull up the record for your item, click Print and Print the option for Catalog Card Style#1. If that has too much information on it, it is not difficult to modify the output in the Reports menu. I believe one of the tutorials that came with our PP5 installation CD’s does a good job showing the process. The manual also has step by step directions for how to remove fields from such a report. Also, PastPerfect support is always incredibly helpful and patient – well worth the yearly fee!!
Good luck!
Sharon McCullar
Curator of Collections
Lakeshore Museum Center
Muskegon Michigan