Reply To: Accession Versus Permanent Loan

Rochelle Robinson

I wish to thank all of you for your input, it was most helpful. As Ella stated, it’s out of my hands.

I don’t agree with “infinite” loans, but understand the need given the museum I work for. A sizable amount of the museum’s collection are “infinite/restricted” loans through foundations with some financial support of maintenance for the objects at our location. Then there are, as Laraine stated, other cases “it’s a foot in the door” with the hopes the lender will bequeath/donate ownership to the museum or create a bigger financial contribution. Yes, it’s all a HUGE nightmare.

The objective for my department is to get the entire museum holdings into one place so that it can be quickly accessible to understand what can/can’t be done with the objects. It’s very difficult to build any type of program if you don’t know what the boundaries are, sifting through multiple paper files (if they exist) and dated Excel sheets is not productive for long range goals. I have no authority what the museum will take or keep, this is all determined by the Executive Director. I can only hope by getting the museum’s holdings into one place of reference, it will help focus the museum on what they have so that they can build the value and thus create better interaction for guests.

I will gladly take all your advice into consideration and use it in a way that it can be used as a guideline of proof that I’m not trying to create a new method of collection standards, just standardized to existing methods. Again, thank you all!