Reply To: Cutorial Committee

Becca DuBey

Then my suggestion is to present them with copies of Museum Registration Methods, A Legal Primer for Museum Collections, and any other reference materials that you think would help them, all of your Policy and Procedure records, a list of policies that need to be written and those in progress, the manual for your cataloging program, and a friendly little note that they will need all the information contained therein, to accomplish everything you, as Curator, have been doing. I would also include all of your educational qualifications and experience, a little line of encouragement (It has taken me ___ years to understand the intricate details of Accessioning and Cataloging, and I know you as a committee may not learn it overnight, but I am always here to lend a helping hand! It is quite a detailed and methodical process, required by every museum, no matter what size, just like any other business requirement.) I hope you and maybe other members can convince them to re-examine their decision. Sometimes a member’s letter to a newspaper editorial column can help raise awareness.