About Connecting to Collections Care

This community began in 2010 as Connecting to Collections Online Community, a part of the Institute of Museum and Library Services’ (IMLS) national initiative, Connecting to Collections (C2C). To learn more about the Connecting to Collections Program and its history and legacy, check Connecting to Collections Program, History, and Legacy. Initially, this Online Community was moderated by Heritage Preservation in cooperation with the American Association for State and Local History and funded by the IMLS. In December 2014, the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation took over the program and the name changed to Connecting to Collections Care Online Community. In spite of the change in our name and management, the goals for this Online Community remain the same – we are still here to serve smaller cultural institutions and to help you to care for your collections in the best way possible.

Our Team

The Leadership Committee

  • Priscilla Anderson, Chair
    Weissman Preservation Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Tiffani Emig, FAIC staff liaison
    Programs Director & Administrative Manager, FAIC, Washington, DC
  • M. Susan Barger (c2cc@conservation-us.org)
    Community Coordinator, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Danielle Hall Bennett
    Chair of the Webinar Committee
  • Ann Kearney
    Chair of the Online Community Committee
  • Rachael Arenstein (Past Chair)
    A.M. Art Conservation, LLC and AIC e-Editor, New York
  • Eric Pourchot (Past FAIC staff laison)

Webinar Advisory Committee

Webinar Committee Mission

  • Danielle Hall Bennett, Chair
    Associate Registrar for Collection Management, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland
    Board Member, Association of Collections Specialists (ARCS)
  • Lori Benson
    Independent Museum Professional and Instructor, Museum Study, LLC, Bath, Maine
  • Sue Donovan
    Book Conservator, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Heather Galloway
    Conservator, Galloway Art Conservation, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Emily Rainwater
    Conservator in the Collection Services Section, State Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Sarah Norris (Past Chair)
    Conservator, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Austin, Texas

Online Community Committee

Online Committee Mission

  • Ann Kearney Chair
    Collections Conservator, University of Albany
  • Laura Casey
    Museum Services Coordinator, History Programs Division, Texas Historical Commission, Austin, Texas
  • John George
    Collections Manager, National Museum of the American Indian, New York, New York
  • John E. Simmons
    Museologica Consultant, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
  • Rebecca Elder (Past chair)
    Conservation Heritage Preservation, Austin, Texas
  • Gretchen Guidess (Past Member)
    Conservator of Textiles, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg, VA
  • Kelly Krish (Past Member)
    Preventive Conservation Specialist, Image Permanence Institute, Rochester, New York


monitorsAmanda Malkin • Angela M Andres • Anisha Gupta • Annabelle Fichtner • Anne SchafferApril Smith • Athena Moore • Charlotte Gamper • Charlotte Parent • Felice Robles • Elizabeth Beesley • Elizabeth LaDuc • Erin Kraus • Erin McGovern • Greta Glaser • Heather Brown • Jennifer Hunt Johnson • Jessica Walthew • Kaela NurmiKesha Talbert • Laura Fedynyszyn • Lindsay Schettler • Lissa KramerLiz McDermott • Louise Stewart Beck • Malia Van Heukelem • Margaret (Maggie) Wessling • Marianne Kelsey • MaryAnn Gabriel • Miriam Centeno • Nicole Peters • Patricia Selinger • Priscilla Anderson • Quinn Ferris • Rebecca Gridley • Rebecca Smyrl • Robert Kreuger • Samantha Skelton • Sara Andrews • Sara Levin • Tammy Fishman Zavinski • Gillian Marcus • Joyce Greco • Maria Cristina Rivera • Christina McLean • Heather Parks • Victoria Kablys •

† The names of Monitors who have volunteered for at least six weeks are show in bold.


Amy Sullivan • Anastasia Matijkiw • Andrea Chevalier • Andrew Hare • Ann Kearney • Anne Downey • Barbara Appelbaum • Daniela Leonard • Danielle Bennett • Deborah Howe • Deborah Trupin • Donia Conn • Doug Sanders • Dyani Feige • Mary E Cunningham-Kruppa • Gawain Weaver • George Schwartz • Ingrid Neuman • Jackie Ben-Efraim • Jamie Hascall • Jennifer Teper • Kathy Lechuga • Katja Gibsom • Kim R. Du Boise • Laura McCann • Lisa Elkin • Lisa Goldberg • Malia Van Heukelem • Marc Williams • Marie Schlag • Mary Gridley • Meg Newburger • Michelle Kinney • Patricia Elinger • Phillip Brutz • Priscilla Anderson • Rachael Arenstein • Rachel Lapkin • Ramona Duncan-Huse • Rick Kerschner • Rob Waller • Roy Canizaro • Sarah C. Steiner • Scott M. Haskins • Shannon Zachary • Sharlane Gubkin • Susan Duhl • Suzanne Quigley • Tad Fallon • Tara D. Kennedy • Toni Kiser • Gretchen Anderson • Suzanne Quigley • Phillip Brutz • Jamie Hascall • Gretchen Anderson • Anna N. Dhody •

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