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2010 Webinar Archives

  • Care of Paper, Photographs, and Audiovisual Collections
  • Kristen Laise, who organized selection of the Bookshelf texts and prepared the User’s Guide, leads participants through means to find the information they need in the Bookshelf and its companion Guide to Online Resources.
  • Public Outreach and Collections Care
  • Public awareness is the key starting point for building support -- from individuals, from local government, from the private sector. When people have first-hand experience with the issues facing your collections, they can become effective advocates in the community.
  • Funding for Collections Care
  • One of the biggest challenges in moving ahead with collections care projects can be finding adequate funding. The speakers in this webinar have achieved success in raising funds for collections care, both on behalf of their own organizations and for others.
  • Using Social Media to tell Your Collections’ Stories
  • This session on social media will help you tell the story of your collections, directly to readers, through the ever-expanding worlds of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare, and beyond.
  • Telling the Story of Your Collections to the Press
  • Do you feel that your collection is rich in stories, but no one is interested? Publicist Anne Edgar, who has generated media coverage for museums large and small, discussed how to attract the attention of journalists, especially for stories that don’t appear compelling at first glance.