Samantha Richert

  • Does anyone have a misting fire suppression system installed in their institution? We are looking at installing a misting system for a restored dime museum that will have significant amounts of original artifacts on display without cases to protect them. The current quote from our contractor is for a $100,000 system that will require a 8×13 foot…[Read more]

  • Has anyone had newspapers reproduced for exhibit or display? We are restoring a historic building that was wallpapered with period newspapers and historic documents. We’re working with a paper conservator to re-install as many of the original documents as possible, but some of the newspapers are too fragile for treatment. I think I will be…[Read more]

  • We have some slides that are preservation copies of glass lantern slides that need to be scanned. Normally we would do it in-house, but our scanner is having issues picking up the images because there are black borders around the images (corresponds with the masking tape on the original slides).
    I contacted a company that did good work for me…[Read more]

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