Leslie Wyman



Leslie Wyman

Title or Role

Managing Director


White River Valley Historical Society





About you I've been involved with the White River Valley Historical Society ("WRVHS") for years, as co-chair of our cemetery committee and a past board member. In Fall 2009, I was hired as the Managing Director, and am having the time of my life! We have a museum with rotating displays, a research library which includes indexed images of our vintage ledger books and photo collection, and a small gift shop. We've also been designated by our county commission as the entity to process all county historic research requests, plus are scanning and indexing all county archives, starting with the court cases (juicy stuff!) We participate in various community events and host free regular presentations and educational events throughout the year, with particular emphasis on collections care. We were very honored to be selected as one of the Honorable Mentions in the recent Heritage Preservation – IMLS "Heritage Advocate Award" program, and in 2011, received a CAP grant, which has helped us tremendously with our collection efforts.

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