• Hi again,

    I had asked recently about materials to use in the refurbishment of a wood display case. I am needing to know where I may purchase the recommended materials:

    1. Barrier Foil
    2. PP004 Moistop
    3. Marvelseal 360
    4. Dacrylate, Selabond RJ119
    5. Cuprinol Enhance

  • Hi again,

    I had recently asked for advice on materials to use in refurbishing a display case. I am interested in finding out where I can purchase the following items that have been recommended for the refurbishment of a wood display case:

    1. Dacrylate, Selabond RJ119
    2. Curprinol Enhance
    3. Barrier foil
    4. PP004 -Moistop and Marvelseal 360


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  • I wanted to know if anyone who uses Past Perfect (we have 4.0) do you have issues with the program.  Such as saving information to an external hard drive.

  • Thank you.



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