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Question re: attaching paper to a textile box

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    Elsa Huxley

    This question has come in from C2C Member Rachel Higgens: “I have a textile box (archival) and have printed off the list and thumbnail of what is inside. I’m wanting to attach this (non-acidfree) paper to the outside of the box. What is the best way? Or is it okay to just tape it on? And if so, is there a certain tape I should be using? I looked on gaylords for acid-free paper, printer paper, and could only find construction paper. Can you recommend somewhere where I can get some? Thank you!!”

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    Ben Shaw

    Adhesive based attachments are not ideal for long term storage boxes. In our archives we are constantly walking over “reminder” post it notes that have fallen off. I would recommend using a mechanical attachment such as a plastic paper clip. If using a tape of some sort is necessary, then I would recommend book repair tape for its strength.
    Most textile boxes have slits in them that you can place your label in. If you are worried about the PH level of your printer paper, you can check with your local office supply store. Surprisingly there is a much greater supply of PH neutral products available at your big box stores if you know what to look for. For the truly paranoid, you can encapsulate your label prior to attaching it to the box.

    Hope this helps.

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    VivianLea Solek

    Good morning Rachel – I would suggest using some of the label holders from Gaylord, specifically http://www.gaylord.com/adblock.asp?abid=15526&search_by=desc&search_for=label%20holder&mpc=WW . It is a polypropylene holder with appropriate adhesives into which you type and slip in a paper label. I’m not fond of sticky notes (ARGH!!) or paper clipped labels (ARGH!) as both will fall off and/or damage the box. These label holders are great and I’ve used them successfully and have talked iwth others who have used them for long term usage and they do just fine.

    Good luck…and thanks for labeling!

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    Helena Jaeschke

    I have tested several packs of cheap printer paper and found it to have a neutral pH, so although I wouldn’t put it inside a box it should be fine outside. Polypropylene label holders are good as you can change the contents. For a cheaper method we have used printed labels pasted onto the box with a water-soluble adhesive or even a neutral pH PVA adhesive. The labels include boes which can be ticked when condition checks have been carried out etc, which is easier to do when you don’t have to remove the label from the holder.

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    Nancy Barthelemy

    Polypropylene label holders are really the best. They allow you to change the label when necessary. It looks neat and has the greatest flexibility.

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    Rachel Higgins

    Thank you so much everyone! I found these responses very helpful

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    Rachel Higgins

    Thank you so much everyone! I found these responses very helpful

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