About Connecting to Collections Care

This community began in 2010 as Connecting to Collections Online Community. It was one part of the Institute of Museum and Library Services’ (IMLS) many-sided national initiative, Connecting to Collections (C2C),  which was aimed at improving  collections care in smaller cultural institutions. Initially, this Online Community was moderated by Heritage Preservation in cooperation with the American Association for State and Local History and funded by the IMLS.

In January 2015, with the closure of Heritage Preservation, the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation took over the program and the name changed to Connecting to Collections Care Online Community. In spite of the change in management, the goals for this Online Community remain the same. We will continue to bring you quality resources, dynamic training, and active communications.

Keep in mind that this site is a source for conservation and preservation information rather than advice. Although there are conservators participating in the conversation, it is not ethical for them to provide treatment advice without first having examined the object or situation in person. We hope that participants will share their experiences with caring for objects, but note that it is recommended that you contact a professional conservator before undertaking a conservation project. The American Institute for Conservation can help you locate a conservator nearby.

We know that lack of funding and public understanding can be an obstacle to appropriate collections care. This Community will encourage sharing of ideas for securing gifts, grants, and media attention. We believe collections care can be a great asset to your fund raising and public outreach!


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